How it works:

I will list an item with a starting bid price and also an 'I WANT it Now' price and an ending bid time. All times will be pacific standard time. The comment section will be used to bid on the item. All bid increases need to be in increments of $1. If you have to have the item, and are willing to pay the "I WANT it Now" price, then enter your comment "I WANT it Now" with the price listed. All bidding will be closed at that time. I will also list a shipping price and that price will be added to the final price of the item. Payment will be collected through Paypal. I will need an email address from each winning bidder. You do not need to have a Paypal account, you can still use a credit card through Paypal.

And now for the nitty gritty on my bidding rules. If an auction item closes at 6:00pm, then the LAST person to enter a comment with the highest bid with a time stamp of 5:59 pm wins. If two comments with the same bid are time stamped 5:59, then the FIRST comment will win. I think it will be crazy fun. Shipping prices include shipping and handling. I'm happy to combine shipping for lower rates. Shipping rates for multiple items will be determined after purchase. Any grossly over-charged shipping will be refunded. OH...and I do NOT iron for any blog sale! All items come from my smoke-free and pet hair free home.

♥ april

Feb 8, 2011

Oh Yeah!

Lookey here! I'm getting all fancy for my blog sales. Decided that a separate blog was necessary since I usually have so many items to sell {much to my husbands dismay}. Do you know what his motto for me is....'buy high, sell low.' Doesn't quite work in our favor, but it works out great for all you lucky girls!

So starting next week will be guidelines for my blog sales and I will start listing items. It won't be quite so frantic as it has been in the past becauses I will only be listing a few items each day. Also new to my blog sale will be a 'Buy It Now' price. What that means is if you see an item you absolutely love, you don't have to participate in the bidding war. You can just enter the 'buy it now' purchase price in the comment section and it is yours!

Oh and what is 'April Kennedy's Blog Sale' you ask? Essentially I sell my gently worn clothes, shoes and purses, as well as some of my children's clothing here on this blog auction/bidding style. See you here next week! It really is a lot of fun.

P.S. Didn't Lovely Lindsay from RunLucasRun do a great job on the blog design. I'm loving it!!