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And now for the nitty gritty on my bidding rules. If an auction item closes at 6:00pm, then the LAST person to enter a comment with the highest bid with a time stamp of 5:59 pm wins. If two comments with the same bid are time stamped 5:59, then the FIRST comment will win. I think it will be crazy fun. Shipping prices include shipping and handling. I'm happy to combine shipping for lower rates. Shipping rates for multiple items will be determined after purchase. Any grossly over-charged shipping will be refunded. OH...and I do NOT iron for any blog sale! All items come from my smoke-free and pet hair free home.

♥ april

Feb 21, 2011


What a fun last few days! I hope you are all as excited about receiving your goodies as I have been packaging up those pretty items for you. We'll take a 1-2 day break and then come back with a vengeance with Kaia's closet. I just found a whole other bag of clothes that I had forgotten about. And Blake has some fun items too.
Plus I have a very cute pair of size 8 1/2 heels I'll be giving away. Dave actually picked them up and said....'these are the same ones you wear on Sunday and they are on clearance for $4.98. You should buy them and do a giveaway.' What a sweetie he is...huh? See you in a couple of days. I'm off to the post office and needing 8 hands to carry in all the boxes! They are all shipping priority mail. You should have them by weeks end if you have paid in full!

kisses, april


Anonymous said...

yay!! can't wait for kaia's items!! we wear the same size! :)

carlon said...

Thanks April! Excited for some "new" clothes! Shannon

melody-mae said...

so totally excited to get my purchase!! XOXO

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I am LOVING the blog sale....haven't won a thing yet but I'm hopeful!

Rachel said...

finally 8 1/2s... I'm actually more like a 9 but I can make those work :) Your stuff is super cute BTW. I'll be scoping Blake's closet for Luke. He wears Blake's old clothes to church right now & looks so handsome!!

Shaiya B. said...

I just got my package today. THANKS so much!!!!! I LOVE it. Can't wait to wear it.